2018 USP Scandinavian UTR Tournament
Stromstads TennisKlubb
July 29 - July 30, 2018
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Registration Ends: July 27, 2018
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Stromstads TennisKlubb
Odelsbergsstigen 3, Stromstad 452 32

About 2018 USP Scandinavian UTR Tournament
This UTR tournament takes place in Sweden as part of the USP Camp. Players will receive Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) credit for all matches played.

Player UTRs will be used when selecting players for the Tournament and/or Division/Draw. In the case of no UTR, other rankings and results will be taken into account.

VERY IMPORTANT: In order to participate in this event, every player must open a Free UTR Event Account at http://events.universaltennis.com/register/

Local Tournament Director: Pelle Fridell +47 949 87 645 pf@wang.no

How to Register: Contact Pelle Fridell to register

Minimum number of matches for each player in this tournament: 2-4

Maximum number of players for this Tournament: 16

Match, set and game scoring format: Pro Set, No Add Scoring.

About UTR: Universal Tennis Ratings provide tennis players worldwide a common scale to determine their level of play. The 16-level scale (from beginners to elite world-class professionals), precisely and reliably determines individual players’ ratings based on actual match results without regard for age, gender or where the matches are played. The Universal Tennis website allows visitors to view more than three million tennis results. College Tennis coaches utilize UTR ratings for recruiting, for scouting opponents, and also to track the levels of their current players. The ITA currently uses UTR ratings to assist with selections and seedings for select regional and national events.
Tournament Director: Thomas Anderson - 305-554-1124 | Send Message