Swing Into Spring Match Play
Adams Tennis Complex
March 03 - March 03, 2018
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Registration Ends: February 25, 2018

  • UTR Spooky Match Play Day October 2017

  • UTR Match Play Finale for Fall 2017

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Adams Tennis Complex
925 Golf Lane, Murfreesboro 37129

About Swing Into Spring Match Play
One Day UTR Match Play at the Adams Tennis Complex/Murfreesboro

Ages: 11-18
Skill level: All
*players must be able to serve, keep score, and manage a match independently, without help.

Registered players will be divided into groups of 5-6 players based on their UTR rating. All players will be within 1.0 point of the other players in the group. Our goal, however, is to have the players in tighter groups (less than .5 points apart) when possible. While it may not be possible, based on the pool of registered players, every attempt will be made to keep players with a UTR 3.49 or below in groups with players of the same gender. Groups of players 3.5+ will most likely be mixed-gender.

Players will be given a schedule of matches for the day - you'll know which group you're assigned and what time your matches will be played by Friday, 3/2. Expect to be at the courts all day (8:00AM-5:00PM) with new matches being put on court every 45 minutes. Due to the format of this event, accommodations cannot be made for players with other obligations during this time period. Thank you for understanding.

Entry Fee: $45.00
Fee is payable in full at the time of registration - payment accepted via credit card or PayPal.

Players will receive a t-shirt for this event! T-shirt size is asked upon registering - all sizes assumed adult unless you put a "Y" in front of the size for a youth size (YS, YM, YL). Players registered by 2/20 will be guaranteed their t-shirt size. All registrations after will choose from sizes when they check in.

Minimum number of matches for each player in this tournament: 1-5
**If weather is an issue, the alternative day will be Sunday, March 4th. If we are not able to play either date, a refund will be provided (minus the $4 UTR fee). Once the first matches are played on either date, however, no refunds will be given.**

If we do not have enough players to create a competitive round robin, we will refund your money. We are mostly concerned with UTRs at 7+. Players of that level, please help us fill a 4-6 player group by spreading the word!

Players must be able to manage a match completely on their own - no parental assistance or coaching will be allowed while play is going on.

Maximum number of players for this Event: 96

Match, set and game scoring format: Round Robin, 9-game/no-ad matches vs. 1-5 opponents within a close radius of your UTR

We expect this event to fill up, so register early to secure your spot.

Players will receive Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) credit for all matches played.

Player UTRs are available at universaltennis.com. Don't have a UTR just yet? No problem! We will do our best to put your player in a group of similar skills. We may need to ask you a few questions about your player's experience in order to get it right.

A UTR subscription is required to search and view player ratings on the UTR system, with pricing starting at forever free for UTR Basic. The UTR Premium Plus allows subscribers access to search and view college team profiles.

About UTR: Universal Tennis Ratings provide tennis players worldwide a common scale to determine their level of play. The 16-level scale (from beginners to elite world-class professionals), precisely and reliably determines individual players’ ratings based on actual match results without regard for age, gender or where the matches are played. To learn more, copy/paste the link below into your browser:

**Swing into Spring is brought to you by the Central Magnet High School tennis teams**

Having trouble registering? Visit -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oLVk3Ygepw&feature=youtu.be
Tournament Director: Jill Speight - 615-653-8020 | Send Message