Cheval Summer UTR 3.0-8.0
Cheval Golf and Athletic Club
June 08 - June 10, 2018
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Registration Ends: June 02, 2018

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Cheval Golf and Athletic Club
4142 Cheval Blvd, Lutz 33558

About Cheval Summer UTR 3.0-8.0
How to Sign up for a UTR Event: 

Players will receive Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) credit for all matches played. 

Player UTRs are available at 

Entry Fee: $60

Minimum number of matches for each player in this tournament: 2 singles and 1 doubles

Maximum number of players for this Tournament: 48

Rating : Entries accepted from players ranked between 3.0 to 8.0 in UTR ranking system.

Match, set and game scoring format: 2 out of 3 sets or Pro set. Will be determined based on the number of players. Ad Scoring. Coaching is not allowed.

What players/parents/coaches need to know: RULES and GUIDELINES

*By registering for this event, it is expected that ALL players make themselves available on all 3 days. Please consider others, in that all players are seeking 2-3 matches to contribute to their UTR. Please be on time and available to play ahead of time if necessary.
* Please note matches will begin after 12 noon Friday June 8th.

* Please note that refunds will not be applicable for withdrawals after the draw has been posted
* Players will be grouped according to Players UTR rankings.

*Refunds, less a $US10 administration fee will be issued if an event is canceled (due to weather or other extenuating reasons) before the completion of a player’s first match within the event VERY IMPORTANT: In order to participate in this event, every player must open a Free UTR Event Account at
Tournament Director: Nirupama Sanjeev - 408-202-7061 | Send Message