2017 ITA Summer Circuit - University of Washington
Bill Quillian Tennis Stadium
July 08 - July 10, 2017
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Registration Ends: July 04, 2017

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Bill Quillian Tennis Stadium
3833 Walla Walla Road NE, Seattle 98195

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Nordstrom Tennis Center
3833 Walla Walla Road NE, Seattle 98195

About 2017 ITA Summer Circuit - University of Washington

Tournament Desk: Located at the Front Desk inside the Nordstrom Tennis Center. There is no check in required for the event or matches. Please report to your court immediately after the match before yours finishes unless you are the first match of the day. ANY MATCH MAY BE MOVED IF THERE ARE OPENINGS.

Match Schedule: Match times will be scheduled using the Order of Play Format and will be posted by 5pm on Thursday, 7/6. Singles will begin 9am on Saturday, 7/8 and Doubles not before 2pm. Schedules will be emailed to you daily, posted on the website under “NEWS” AND posted on the bulletin board in the Nordstrom Tennis Center. The referee, after consultation with the tournament director, may default a player for being 15 minutes late for the starting time of the match. Winner(s) must report back to the tournament desk to report the score and return the balls.

Format: Singles matches will play 2 out of 3 sets with a 10-point match tie break in lieu of a 3rd set using no-ad scoring. Doubles will play an 8-game pro-set using no-ad scoring with a 7-point tie break held at 7-all. Men’s draws will use the Division I collegiate no-let rule. 5 minute warm-up before the match. Under no circumstances is coaching of any kind allowed while a match is in progress. One can of balls per set in singles, 4 balls given for doubles.

Doubles Registration: Your $60 entry fee includes singles and doubles! If you are interested in playing doubles, there will be a sign-up sheet at the tournament desk beginning on Friday, 7/7 at 9am and will close on Saturday, 7/8 at 12pm with doubles play beginning at 2pm. All doubles entries MUST sign up physically on site or through me - Email (dyd107@uw.edu) or text (206-465-4676) is sufficient. If you are looking for a partner, please email/call/text me (206-465-4676) and I will add your name to the “looking for a partner” list located in the "News" section.

Consolation: There will be a consolation draw provided for first match losers for singles AND doubles.

Medical Time Outs: Officials shall follow the ITA Women’s Division I rule for medical timeouts (pages 14-15 of 2017 ITA Rule Book). Players may have only one medical timeout. A player who needs an additional medical timeout shall be retired. Once the trainer starts talking or touches the player, the trainer has a maximum of five minutes for diagnosis and treatment. The maximum amount of time for treatment shall be three minutes.

Officials shall follow the ITA Women’s Division I rule for bathroom breaks (pages 15-16 of the 2017 ITA Rule Book). Players are allowed one three minute bathroom break during a changeover (total of 4 ½ minutes) or during a set break (total of five minutes). Additionally, a player may use the bathroom during the 90-second changeover or two-minute set break.

About ITA Summer Circuit powered by UTR
The ITA Summer Circuit was created to provide college players the opportunity to compete in organized events virtually year-round. Although the primary purpose of the circuit is to provide incoming freshman and collegiate players the chance to compete in the summer months, for NCAA compliance purposes, the events are categorized as “open”; therefore, anyone (including high level juniors and adults) is eligible to compete in these events as long as he/she is a current ITA member. The ITA Summer Circuit is currently made up of 52 events over six consecutive weekends, beginning the last weekend in June and continuing through the last weekend in July.

ITA Summer Playing Membership (Registration Button at top-right of page)
All participants must have a current 2017 ITA Summer Playing Membership ($30) to participate in a Summer Circuit event. Participants can only purchase an ITA membership through the ITA webpage (itatennis.com). After purchasing an ITA membership, participants will receive a confirmation email that provides them with their 2017 ITA Member ID # along with tournament registration PIN #’s in order to register for a Summer Circuit event.

Points Race: The ITA office will track points and post a “points race standings” each week on the ITA website. At the conclusion of the circuit, the top 5 men and the top 5 women will receive automatic entry into the ITA National Summer Championships as well as a $600 travel reimbursement to be used towards the expense of attending the ITA National Summer Championships at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas.
Tournament Director: Denise Dy - 206-465-4676 | Send Message