San Diego Fall'17 Matchplay
September 02 - November 26, 2017
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About San Diego Fall'17 Matchplay
Welcome to San Diego Fall’17 Matchplay, also known as UTR Tennis League This is our second season. Season starts September 2 and ends November 19, 2017. You must have UTR to play. Thank you for your support!

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If you do not have UTR events profile, please register at

What is UTR Tennis League?

• UTR Tennis League (UTR League) is a self-directed tennis league in San Diego North County.
• There are four season in a year (June, September, December and March). Each season is approximately 12 weeks.
• Matches are played at a mutually agreed upon location and time.
• Match format – Best two of 3 sets with Ad. 10-point tiebreaker in lieu of 3rd set by mutual agreement of the players.
• Each player will play every other player in his/her Group.
• Groups are organized primarily by Player’s UTR, regardless of age or gender.
• No coaching during the match is allowed. Spectators or parents are not allowed to interfere with the match.
• With UTR, defaults do not benefit either player. It is in every player’s benefit to play all matches.
• Three-strike rule will apply for lateness, 24-hour cancellation, unsportsmanlike conduct and other infractions deemed
inappropriate by League Director.
• UTR League matches are sanctioned by UTR.
• Cost is $30 per quarter.

No refund after start of season.

For details, please visit the UTR League website at
Tournament Director: Jackson Chu - 775-830-9395 | Send Message