ATC Sept UTR Match Play
Adams Tennis Complex-Outdoor Courts
September 11 - September 27, 2017
Registration for this event is closed
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Registration Ends: September 10, 2017

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Adams Tennis Complex-Outdoor Courts
925 Golf Lane, Murfreesboro 37129

About ATC Sept UTR Match Play
***Online registration has closed. The division for unrated players/players with a 3.49 and under UTR is FULL at 48 players!
There are a few spots left in the 3.5+ UTR division. - contact Jill Speight 615/653-8020, if your UTR is a 3.5 and above and you'd like to play with that group!***

Players (ages 11-18) will receive Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) credit for all matches played in ATC's match play event to be held in September. Match Play Dates:
Mondays 9/11 and 9/25
Wednesdays 9/13, 9/20, and 9/27

Match Times:
4:00PM-5:15PM - UTR's 3.49 and under (those not yet rated will be asked to come during this time until we can determine an approximate rating through match play
5:15PM-6:30PM - UTR's over 3.5
**these levels are subject to change based on numbers

Please sign up by clicking the appropriate group based on your player's UTR. If not known, choose UTR 3.49 and under

Some players' UTRs may move up/down over the course of the month, which may mean they move to another group. We will notify you if we recognize that.

We will advise your player's exact playing time (4:00 or 5:15) before the first session on September 11th.

3.49 Under - LIMIT 48 players
3.50 + - LIMIT 28 players

Competition each week will be based on the player's current UTR. Player UTRs are available at A UTR subscription is required to search and view player ratings on the UTR system, with pricing starting at forever free for UTR Basic. The UTR Premium Plus allows subscribers access to search and view college team profiles.

Don't have a UTR yet? No worries! This match play will help create one for you! In the meantime, we will make an initial estimation about your UTR and work through it based on results.

Each match play day, every registered player will get a minimum of 1/maximum of 2 short matches vs a player with a UTR about 1.0-1.5 points above or below them. The goal is to create competitive matches (not one-sided) for all players. The scores will be recorded on this site following each match, then sent to UTR at the end of the month.

Under this format, winning is not required in order to improve a player's UTR- competing as well as the player is able and winning games against a stronger opponent still helps toward building a higher UTR.

A player will get a minimum of 5/maximum of 10 matches during this match play event if attending all available dates.

Match, set and game scoring format: 1-2 matches per session, 7 total games per match, no-ad scoring.

Cost: $29.43 total
$4.43 UTR fee to be paid at online registration
$25 fee to be paid to the ATC prior by September 10th (along w/a signed program waiver
**each player will also be asked to bring two new cans of balls

Copy/paste this link into your browser to print off the program waiver:

To Register: Each player needs to have a unique UTR events account (using a unique email address). This registration for the UTR Events site is separate from registration on the regular UTR website. If you need help with registration, please contact Jill Speight at 615/653-8020 or email

All matches will be played at the Adams Tennis Complex/Outdoor Courts - all outdoor courts will likely be utilized. Players may be crossing the street to play on the "old" courts. In case of rain, we will attempt to reschedule the match play.

Please copy/paste this link into your web browser and let us know which dates your player will be available for UTR match play:

**Note: Players with a higher UTR (ex: 6+)... if we don't feel like we have enough participation within 1.0-1.5 of your UTR (above/below) to give you competitive matches, we will refund your fees. However, we suggest you go ahead and sign up rather than waiting to see who else does. That may encourage other players at your level to participate!
About UTR: Universal Tennis Ratings provide tennis players worldwide a common scale to determine their level of play. The 16-level scale (from beginners to elite world-class professionals), precisely and reliably determines individual players’ ratings based on actual match results without regard for age, gender or where the matches are played. The Universal Tennis website allows visitors to view more than three million tennis results. College Tennis coaches utilize UTR ratings for recruiting, for scouting opponents, and also to track the levels of their current players. The ITA currently uses UTR ratings to assist with selections and seedings for select regional and national events.

For a more details explanation of UTR, copy/paste the link below into your web browser:

For additional junior tennis offerings at the Adams Tennis Complex, copy/paste the following link into your web browser:

If you have any questions or need any assistance with the UTR websites or registration, please contact Jill Speight, 615/653-8020 or
Tournament Director: Jill Speight - 615-653-8020 | Send Message