$2000 UTR Halloween Classic at Harvard
Murr Center
October 26 - October 29, 2017
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Registration Ends: October 23, 2017

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Murr Center
65 N Harvard St, Boston 02163

About $2000 UTR Halloween Classic at Harvard
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GENERAL INFO about this event:

- The event is open to players of any age and gender who have a Universal Rating (UTR) of 11.01 or greater.

- Player UTRs are available at universaltennis.com (decimals in ratings are available to Universal Premium Plus subscribers).

- In the absence of a reliable UTR, players may contact Rick Devereux by email (erdevereux@gmail.com) with background information and official results that may establish appropriate levels.

- Players will receive full Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) credit for all complete matches played.


LOCATION: ALL matches indoors at Harvard University, 65 N. Harvard St. Boston (Allston), MA 02163. If necessary, play will be held indoors on the 6 courts at Harvard's MURR Tennis & Squash Center next to Harvard Stadium; otherwise play will be outdoors at The Beren Tennis Center (both facilities at 65 N. Harvard St.).


- Player UTRs will be used when determining whether players go into the Main Draw OR the Qualifying Draw.

- Draws and seeds are based on player UTRs with Universal '50-50 seeding' as a guide to creating a fairer draw than Mother Luck - see article on Universal's blog:


- Minimum number of matches for each player in this tournament: 2

- The 10 highest rated entrants will be admitted into the Main draw (Pre-qualifying and Qualifying Draws will include an additional 30 players).

- Entrants who do not get into any draw will be refunded their entry fee unless they wish to be an alternate on Thursday evening.


$750 to winner
$450 to runner-up
$150 to losing semi-finalists
$ 50 to losing quarterfinalists

PLAY FORMAT (Match, set, game scoring and play rules):

- ALL matches except the Finals in the Main Draw Flights will use:

- 2 'Short Sets' (first to win 5 games - win by 2 - tie-breaker at 5-5);
- No-ad scoring
- 10 point tiebreaker in place of 3rd set
- Let serves will be played (college rules)


6 indoor courts will be used in inclement weather; rain or temps below 50

Players should check-in 45 minutes early to check-in with the TD and warm-up prior to their start time in order take the court promptly for a 10 minute warm-up.

In order to limit the time at changeovers, beverage bottles should be full and any snack needed at hand courtside for the duration of the match.

PRE-QUALIFYING Draw: Thursday evening (12 entrants with lowest UTRS)

- The 6 winners qualify to play Friday night in a Qualifying Draw for the Main Draw

- Round 1 Qualifying losers play 1 consolation match Thursday evening .

QUALIFYING Draw: Friday evening (24 players)

- 1st round matches start late afternoon
- 2nd round matches start after minimum 15 minute break for each player

- The 6 winners from round 2 qualify to play Saturday in the Main Draw B of 16

- Round 1 Qualifying losers play 1 consolation match Saturday midday

MAIN Draw: Saturday and Sunday (10 Players with highest UTRs plus 6 qualifiers from Friday's rounds)

- RD 1 losers will play 1 consolation match Saturday afternoon

- The Main Draw Semi-finals will be Sunday at 10:30

- The Final at 1:00 will be 2 regular sets with tie-breakers at 6-6 and a 10 point
tiebreaker in lieu of a 3rd set


While this event counts for player UTRs and we anticipate a high level of match competitiveness as defined by Universal, we ask that everyone view this as a FUN experience. Men and women, boys and girls from high school and college teams and beyond enter our events and offer a wide variety of playing styles. The prize money is meant to attract a few of the top players in the region and create some excitement. It is not our intention to make the on-court competition as cut-throat as ranking and college competitions.

We do not have referees, which allows more entry fee revenue to go toward prize money.

These Rules of Civility will help you to avoid any difficulties and speed up play:

1. Play balls that are close to the line as you would in a 'friendly' match.

2. Keep breaks very short between sets or before a 3rd set tiebreaker (no more than 2 minutes).

3. No coaching during the match.

4. Quickly resolve any dispute amicably about the score or the rules with your opponent.

CONTACT: Rick at: erdevereux@gmail.com (please include a cell phone contact # in your email).
Tournament Director: Rick Devereux - 781-838-0979 | Send Message