UTR 3.5 and below One Day Singles Qualifier
Georgia State University - Clarkston Campus
September 30 - September 30, 2017
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Registration Ends: September 25, 2017

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Georgia State University - Clarkston Campus
555 N Indian Creek Dr, Clarkston 30021

About UTR 3.5 and below One Day Singles Qualifier
Greetings: here is the view of the tennis courts on the Clarkston Campus.


Here is how to get there.


To get to the courts, go past North Indian Creek. Go to the stop sign and turn left. That bends around to the right and you turn into parking lot at the second left, then turn back to your right and park close to the buildings. You should see the courts.

Wendell Troy

Players will receive Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) credit for all matches played.

Player UTRs will be used when selecting players for the Tournament and/or Division/Draw.

Seeding is based on player UTRs.

Player UTRs are available at universaltennis.com.

A UTR subscription is required to search and view player ratings on the UTR system, with pricing starting at forever free for UTR Basic. The UTR Premium Plus allows subscribers access to search and view college team profiles.

Rules for One Day UTR 3.0 and below Qualifier
1. Compass or round robin draws will be made based on UTR ratings.
2. All matches will be 2 out of 3 sets with short scoring.
3. There will be a 3 minute break at the end of each set and players are allowed to be coached on the court during this time.
3. Cost: $45 per player. Refunds will be given if weather does not allow for the tournament to finish the first match.
5. Draws will close Monday September 25 at 11:59 pm.
6. All matches will be played on full court with regular duty balls.
Tournament Director: Wendell Troy - 678-428-3737 | Send Message