Ensworth Advanced Tournament Player UTR Tournament Using PlaySight Technology
Ensworth School Tennis Center - River Entrance
December 01 - December 03, 2017
Registration for this event is closed
Tournament Info
Registration Ends: November 19, 2017

  • Top Flight Champion Alexandra with Runner up Nathan

  • Ensworth's Jumbo Scoreboard displaying the close matches during the recent UTR event!

  • Flight 2 Champion Isabela with Runner up John

  • Flight 3 Boys Champion Austin with Runner up Charlie

  • Flight 3 Girls Champion Madeline with Runner up Anna

  • Tennis Lover Hadley enjoying her UTR Hoodie after one of her close matches!

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Ensworth School Tennis Center - River Entrance
7505 Highway 100, Nashville 37221

About Ensworth Advanced Tournament Player UTR Tournament Using PlaySight Technology
Ensworth School welcomes you to our Advanced Tournament Player December Singles Event. This event is for players with UTR's 5.00 through 12.00. Singles Draws are based on UTR's, not age or gender. To enter a UTR event, create a player profile at events.universaltennis.com per the instructions in our photo gallery. Name, email, password, gender, birthdate, phone, address per player.

Play will take play December 1st 4:00pm-9:00pm, Saturday December 2nd 9:00am-9:00pm, and Sunday as needed. PlaySight Technology will be used so all matches will be live streamed and players with the PlaySight app will be able to record their matches using their portable device.

If you have questions, please directly email Ensworth's Tennis Director Greg Chambers at chambersg@ensworth.com

Players will receive Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) credit for all matches played.

Seeding is based on player UTRs. Player UTRs are available at universaltennis.com.

A UTR subscription is required to search and view player ratings on the UTR system, with pricing starting at forever free for UTR Basic. The UTR Premium Plus allows subscribers access to search and view college team profiles.

Each player will be scheduled a minimum of 2 matches per draw. Match scoring is 2 out of 3 sets, no-ad scoring with Super-Breakers used for 3rd sets. Draw size is limited so registration may close early.

Matches will be scheduled on indoor courts with digital scoreboards and a large video master scoreboard. There is Table Tennis, Locker rooms, showers, and comfortable lounge areas for all players. Covered parking and viewing above and behind the baselines is also a plus. Ensworth welcomes you and your family to our tennis facility!

Entry Fee is $65.00 per person. There are no refunds except when a player's level can not be placed in an appropriate level based draw.

With UTR Events there is no need to shop for tournaments, strong draw, weak draw, points per round considerations, etc. There is no rationale in waiting to sign up and find out who else may decide to play. Your placement in a level-based draw will be based on your UTR. You will get a set number of matches in a draw that will increase the likelihood that you have matches both good for your development and good for your opportunity to improve your UTR. In the event that there are not enough players within a near enough UTR range for this to be possible, then the Tournament Director will not place you in a draw that isn’t good for you and your fees will be refunded. We look forward to watching you compete with your best attitude and best effort!
Tournament Director: Greg Chambers - 615-574-1824 | Send Message